November 2014 – Europe Too?

By millsdo
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Dec 5th, 2014

Hours Flown: 39.1

Number Of Flights: 14

Total Distance Flown: 15,970 nautical miles

Longest Flight: Tel Aviv, Israel (LLBG) to Cologne, Germany (EDDK), 4.4 hours, 1666.02 nautical miles
Shortest Flight: Athens, Greece (KEWR) to Tel Aviv, Israel (LLBG) , 1. 5hours, 643.77 nautical miles
Average Flight Length: 1140.71 nautical miles

Cancellations: None

Month(s) Summary: With the exception of the flying in Europe and the Middle East, which was 757 flying, I flew the 767 the entire month of November.

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