May 2014 – Slow Times

By millsdo
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Jun 4th, 2014


Hours Flown: 22.4

Number Of Flights: 8

Total Distance Flown: 8,020.3 nautical miles

Longest Flight: Memphis, Tennessee (KMEM) to Los Angeles, CA (KLAX), 3.7 hours, 1402.8 nautical miles
Shortest Flight: Memphis, Tennessee (KMEM) to Rochester, NY (KROC) , 2.4 hours, 749.1 nautical miles
Average Flight Length: 1002.8 nautical miles

Cancellations: None (but a lot of weather deviations and delays)

Month Summary: There wasn’t much flying to be had this month. It’s traditionally a slow month and that proved to be the case again this month. The map is a little deceiving, I did fly the same route more than once a couple of times.