April 2014 – Variety of Life

By millsdo
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May 5th, 2014
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Hours Flown: 59.0

Number Of Flights: 20

Total Distance Flown: 21,915.8 nautical miles

Longest Flight: Memphis, Tennessee (KMEM) to Anchorage, AK (PANC), 6.5 hours, 2732.9 nautical miles
Shortest Flight: Charlotte, NC (KCLT) to Indianapolis, IN (KIND) , 1.7 hours, 371.2 nautical miles
Average Flight Length: 1095.78 nautical miles

Cancellations: None (but a lot of weather deviations and delays)

Month Summary: This month was a great month. What started out as a simple Memphis to Salt Lake City line turned into a mixed bag. I had to move some days around for events and childcare and ended up getting to Anchorage, Charlotte, Indianapolis, Miami and Oakland.